Daughters of the Horde

An All-Female Guild on Bronzebeard US

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This is a female-only guild in World of Warcraft on the Bronzebeard server
An LJ community for the wow_ladies guild, Daughters of the Horde. We are an all-female guild. We accept all women looking for a place to play: casual players, alts, or hardcore gamers!

Server: Bronzebeard (US)
Type of server: PvE
Website: http://daughtersofthehorde.enjin.com
Joining the Guild channel: wowladies (be sure to /leave wowladies after you get your invite)
Our Guild Guidelines are here.
Our Guild Bank Rules are here.

Raiding: Currently on hiatus.

To join, create a Horde character on Bronzebeard and join the chat channel by typing /join wowladies. Introduce yourself, and if someone is on who can invite, we will do so! It's easy and fun.

Our officer council currently consists of:

Ravendora (atrophyannie)
Soul (happeningtolife)
Velarina (heido)

You may email the officers at admin[at]wow-doth[dot]com if you have any questions.

If the Alliance is more your style, please check our our sister guild on the same server, wow_dota.

NOTE: Membership to this community is now closed. We have moved over to a forum at http://daughtersofthehorde.enjin.com. Please join us there to keep up with all of the latest DotH news and to interact with your fellow guildmates!